We Produce EPDM, EVA, Panaflex, Dynafix, PE joints Semi Liquid Joints in different shapes and styles.

Foam Rubber&Rubber Bands and Joints, are used for heat, sound, dust and water isolation and also for interconnection. These open&closed pored foam rubber joints are produced by selecting the most suitable band according to the usage area of the joint. Being a very good problem solver joint in its usage area, our joints are being very popular in the industries.

Natural open pored polyurethane is not the only one, especially for proof usage, Polyethylen(PE), PVC, EPDM, EVA and sample foam bands are also produced in G?ler yedek Par?a. For longlife usage of these foam rubber&rubber joints, most suitable bands are selected according to the area it is used, and according to the working condition of the joints.

Foam rubber bands can be produced in different dimensions, according to the type of foam rubber and rubber, from 1 mm to 100 mm thickness and from 2 mm to 1000 mm width. Additionally these can be natural, one sided sticky or double sided sticky. According to the usage area, not only foam rubber&rubber bands are produced. Cylindrical, circular, ellyptical shape rubbers can be produced on demand. And also there are joints in different shapes which are produced professionally. Our products are in high quality and are smooth enough to use in the way it is needed.

Foam Rubber&Rubber Joints Usage Areas:

  • In Building Sector
    • Roof and Building Forehead Isolation Applications
    • In Windows and Doors for Heat Isolation
    • For Acoustic Use in Plaster made Dividing Wall Types
    • For Water&Dust Proof in Panel and Steel Cabinets
  • In Automotive Sector
    • For Leakproof Purpose and Oscillation Protection In Automotiv Industry
    • As M?rror Joints In Automobiles and for Stability Increasing Joint in Companions
    • As a Watertight and Leakproof Joint in Every Type of Land Vehicles
  • In Electrical&Electronics Industry; for watertight and leakproof joint purpose and in Furniture Industry for stability increasing element and for leakproof joint purpose.

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